St Clairs Waterfall

St Clairs Waterfall, one of tourist attractions is located in Nuwara Eliya district, Sri Lanka.


St Clairs Waterfall, one of tourist attractions is located in Nuwara Eliya district, Sri Lanka. It is 80 meters in height and it is the 02nd widest waterfall in Sri Lanka. This beautiful St Clairs Waterfall is known as the “Little Niagara of Sri Lanka” also. From the nearby tea estate, the waterfall garners its name. And it comprises of two falls; The Greater Falls and The Lesser Falls (50 meters high). However, this waterfall flows uninterrupted across three cascades and combines and makes breath stealing views and awe inspiring natural attraction. And this waterfall flows over many tea estates.

St Clairs Waterfall, the 20th highest waterfall in the country is places around 03 km from Talawakeleat the 21st km post along the Avissawella – Nuwara Eliya A7 highway. Visitors can easily view this waterfall from A7 and the nearby railway line that cuts across the A7. And there are sine tracks that visitors can walk to get a better look of this beautiful waterfall. And if any traveler wants to visit the base of this waterfall, that traveler has to access some 500 meters down via a descent through lush Sri Lankan tea estates. Undoubtedly, it will be a curious experience to the travelers. From the 90th km post along A7, “The Lesser Falls” and the overall better view of St Clairs Waterfall can be seen better. The Kotmale River, a branch of the Mahaweli River feeds this waterfall. The Upper Kotmale Hydro Project has resulted in the water levels of this waterfall. When it becomes very irregular with more water on days, the sluice gates up stream are opened.

Acres and acres of evergreen tea estates that shadow the valley fill the outstanding beauty of this Waterfall. All these views are impressive sweeping and eye catching. And the distance to the base of waterfall from car park is only 01 km heading down across tea plantations and grassy plains, mainly flat and downward walking. However, this St Clairs Waterfall is a majestic beauty at the hill country of Sri Lanka and travelers should not miss to discover these cascades in shimmering white clouds down the lush greenery around and capture all these breath-taking shots.